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Frasier - Season 8 Episo... 2021

In Season 8, Leeves was pregnant, and even though Daphne was with Niles by this point, her pregnancy could not be written into the show for some reason. So, the writers decided that the way to explain it was that Daphne started eating too much and gained weight. It's a testament to how strong the series is as a whole that it can still be considered so beloved, despite this horrible decision. The fact that the worst season directly follows the best season just makes it all the more frustrating.

Frasier - Season 8 Episo...

Despite this, the 10th season does have a few highlights, including a surprisingly tender and heartfelt dramatic episode called "Rooms with a View," which finds Niles in hospital, reflecting on his past and considering his possible futures. It also has a great Halloween episode called "Tales from the Crypt," in which Frasier pranks Bulldog. Good episodes at the radio station involving the wider supporting cast of eccentrics such as Gil and Noel are not as plentiful as one might hope, but Dan Butler's Bulldog was the best of the lot.

This season also features Tony Goldwyn's guest appearance as Roger the garbage man in "Love Stinks," forcing Roz to realize that she's snobbier than she thought. Elsewhere, "Death Trap" sees a Crane Boys Mystery as Frasier and Niles try to solve a "murder most foul." And a plot revolving around Martin's ancient Lay-Z-Boy chair leads to Frasier setting it on fire and throwing it off the balcony, then having it painstakingly remade so that it becomes the most expensive piece of furniture in the apartment.

The most famous episode from this season is "Three Valentines," which features David Hyde Pierce's masterful silent comedy routine in the show's cold open, ably supported by Eddie, of course. His work with the fire extinguisher alone is comedy gold. This section of just one episode is so good that it cements Season 6's place in the top five of the series.

Season 5 is another mid-series gem for "Frasier." At this point, the characters have had enough time to embed with each other (before things go off the rails with the introduction of Daphne's family). The season shows that much of the humor and farce in "Frasier" surrounds dating and sex, and particularly Frasier's relentless bad luck at finding love.

The highlight episodes of the 3rd season include "Martin Does It His Way," in which Frasier and Niles try to help Martin write a song for Frank Sinatra. Another music-based episode, "Look Before You Leap," will have the phrase "buttons and bows" rattling through your head for days after. Season 3 contains probably the best "Frasier" Christmas episode, where he frantically tries to find an Outlaw Laser Robo Geek for his son Frederick, and it contains one of the best ever "Frasier" lines: "The Cranes of Maine have got your Living Brain!"

In Season 4, "Frasier" hits its peak and rides that wave until Season 8's unfortunate Daphne-based decision. It features banger after banger, with the only slight downside of the season being Martin's girlfriend, Sherry.

The 4th contains the best episode title, "Roz's Kranz and Gouldenstein are Dead," and it has a great Eddie episode, "Death and the Dog," as well as a Bulldog episode, "Love Bites Dog." This season also sees Daphne dating a Niles clone in "Mixed Doubles." One of the undoubted highlights is "A Lilith Thanksgiving," in which Lilith and Frasier are preoccupied with getting Frederick into a prestigious prep school while Niles and Martin do their best to injure the precious boy himself at every turn. It also features "a turkey so underdone a skilled veterinarian could still save it." There's also "Ham Radio," in which Frasier tries to produce an elaborate murder mystery for the radio station.

This is also the season where Niles moves into the Montana, starting many epic episodes of him throwing disastrous parties, including "To Kill a Talking Bird," where his highly-strung cockatiel gets stuck on his head. And then there's "Are You Being Served," which sees Niles getting "hot and foamy" and is the closest we'll to seeing the cast corpsing on camera. Season 4 is certainly in contention for the best season of "Frasier."

It was a tough decision and hard to narrow down, especially when it came to choosing between the top two seasons, but there can be only one winner, and it's Season 7. Unfortunately, "Frasier" hits its peak just before a series of baffling Daphne-based decisions derail things somewhat for Season 8 through 10.

Friends is without a doubt the king of Thanksgiving episodes. Some sitcoms might have one or two during their run, but Friends celebrated the holiday almost every year, and the Thanksgiving episodes were arguably even better than the Christmas ones. The best is debatable, but our pick is season six's "The One Where Ross Got High," which sees Monica's parents come over for Thanksgiving after she has started dating Chandler, whom they dislike thanks to a lie Ross told years ago. The highlight, though, is Rachel helping Monica cook Thanksgiving dinner, only to accidentally make a bizarre dessert concoction after combining the recipes for an English trifle and a shepherd's pie. The group is forced to make it seem like nothing's amiss, leading to some all-time great "struggling to pretend you like terrible food" acting.

Six seasons and a Thanksgiving episode! With the Community movie finally on the way, now's the perfect time to revisit the cult classic sitcom, which had one Thanksgiving episode in its fourth season. Unfortunately, it occurred in the so-called "gas leak year," the season universally acknowledged as the weakest given creator Dan Harmon was absent. Despite that, "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations" is one of its more solid outings, and it's crucial to Jeff's character arc. The episode sees Britta join Jeff on his long-awaited reunion with his estranged father, played by James Brolin, while everyone else spends Thanksgiving with Shirley. They end up hiding out in the garage the entire time to get away from her family, turning the episode into a parody of prison break movies. Boot this one up while giving thanks to Peacock for saving us from the darkest timeline where a Community movie never happens.

Guess who's coming to dinner? Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a few strong Thanksgiving episodes to offer, but the funniest might be this one from season four, which is also the first to introduce Jimmy Smits as Victor Santiago, Amy's father. Jake and Amy are dating at this point, so when her father comes out for Thanksgiving, Jake is desperate to impress. But he and Victor unexpectedly end up working together when Jake thinks he may have cracked one of Victor's unsolved cases from when he was a cop. Meanwhile, the precinct gathers for Thanksgiving at Amy's apartment and a live turkey gets loose. Come for all that, but stay for the subplot pairing Holt and Adrian after the former lends the latter money that he immediately goes and bets. Really, what more could you ask for from a sitcom than Andre Braugher providing sassy live commentary on a dog show?

Due to the popularity of the episode, with audiences enjoying this dose of festive content, Christmas episodes became a regular thing on the show. Continuing in subsequent years, Frasier incorporated Christmas episodes into future seasons. 041b061a72

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