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[S1E3] The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The ugly? Oooh, aka what made this My Worst Episode? The MAGNITUDE of unnecessary sex in this episode. It was objectifying, insulting, and just gross. And I say this being the exact opposite of a prude in my life. BDSM? Awesome. This shows use of BDSM-themes? Not awesome. The whole scene in the club is a mess from the antag being seduced to the artful montage of the protag touching herself.

[S1E3] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In another radio broadcast, Vesper asks Batman what his deal is, and if the city of Gotham is really going to let some loser with a party store gift card and too much time on his hands win this one? She urges Batman to step out of the shadows and into this ring because Gotham really needs Batman right now. The Gotham Gazette, for their part write about how a call for Batman is getting ugly.

MATTHEW JACOBSON, Historian: Cities with enormous slums developed, as the ugly side of industrialization. Ugly both in terms of the aesthetic of American cities but also ugly in terms of the - the solidifying of class differences and class tension. As all of those things became apparent, uh, the immigrant became the symbol for - for what America might be becoming.

Cersei tends the wounds Joffrey picked up last episode. Joffrey thinks the scars are ugly; Cersei thinks a king should have scars, to mark him as a warrior. When Joffrey points out that he's not a warrior, Cersei gives him a lesson in editing reality: when Aerys Targaryen was on the throne, Joffrey's father was a scoundrel and a traitor, but when Robert became King, he was a noble rebel. After a meandering conversation on statecraft, they come to one conclusion: "The Starks are our enemies." Cersei agrees, with a brittle smile: "Everyone who isn't us is the enemy." 041b061a72

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