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Beyond Stretching Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs !LINK!

i enjoyed the book and think it has some good information about stretching. the author does a great job of explaining the benefits and the scientific basis of stretching. there are a few sections that could have been a little more concise and there are some sections that seem to be more about the author's ideas about the body, rather than the specific stretching info.

Beyond Stretching Russian Flexibility Breakthroughs

a great book on how to do some effective stretches. it has some good information about how to do a proper and safe stretching routine. i'm a little disappointed that it doesn't contain any of the scientific evidence that was used to validate the stretching methods. hopefully, that will be in the next edition.

the book is very clear and concise. it contains many specific stretching exercises for various areas of the body. i found it to be a very good resource for all levels of skill and experience. it presents the basic scientific and physiological information that will enable you to understand and use the stretching methods in this book.

the book is a great deal of fun. don't be fooled by the high-flown title. it's not really about russian flexibility; it's just about flexibility. and the author was a russian physiologist. you won't find "bend me over and spank my butt" recipes, either. the author's goal is to help you get real results from your stretching. the methods are as easy as climbing stairs. they're also as hard as the last step up when the stairs are really steep. they work; they are safe and effective; and they are easy to do.

the other names in the book are of the same ilk, just as russian in origin. but as with the physiologist, they are not the only ones who have contributed. they are simply the ones who have had the most success with pavel's methods, all of which are simple, easy, effective, and safe. the good news is that you don't have to be perfect to try it. if it doesn't work out for you, you simply move on to the next step. the author recommends that you do that step, but doesn't insist that you do it for a minimum of three months.

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