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Where To Buy Halo Top Ice Cream In Nyc

Some have dreamt of living in a world where ice cream is healthy. I'm glad to say that we have now accomplished that. Halo Top creamery makes a healthy ice cream that uses stevia (a natural sweetener) rather than sugar.

where to buy halo top ice cream in nyc


Yep, you can buy this ice cream without leaving your couch. Practically a dream come true. You can order from a link on the Halo Top website here. Halo Top is also for sale at one of the most popular online grocers, Fresh Direct.

Diving into a Halo Top pint is already a win-win situation. But starting next week, the creamery will make its ice cream even more enticing, thanks to an NYC pop-up that will be doling out free soft-serve.

Thursday, May 31, to Sunday, June 3, head to Supermoon Bakehouse on the Lower East Side for a fluffy spiral of Halo Top's newest flavor, Peaches & Cream, in either a cup or piped into Supermoon's signature cruffin. Peanut butter and vanilla bean soft-serve will also be available. But you have to be OK with having ice cream for breakfast (who isn't?): These free desserts are available to the first 150 guests who line up when the shop opens at 8 a.m.

If you're not excited for Valentine's Day, get excited. Halo Top is giving away free pints! The low-cal, high-protein ice cream brand has paired up with Postmates Fresh to deliver customers free ice cream in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco next Wednesday.

It's a smart move for Postmates, as grocery delivery services like Instacart, Fresh Direct, and Amazon Fresh are on the rise. Just recently, Amazon announced it would be offering free, 2-hour Whole Foods delivery to Prime members in Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach.Honestly, I still like the experience of going to the store, but if delivery means avoiding the Sunday line and next Wednesday, getting free Halo Top, count me in. Mark your calendars, set an alarm, do whatever you gotta do to remember. Free ice cream is the best ice cream, and you're don't wanna miss out.

I praise Breyers for increasing the competition to Halo Top, Enlightened, and Arctic Zero. People want to eat a lot of ice cream without feeling guilty and without packing on the calories and pounds; but, Halo Top, Enlightened, and Arctic Zero are expensive. If Breyers can keep their costs lower, then they will win the battle. I, for one, cannot afford these expensive 'healthy ice creams', but I would love to have them, so if Breyers can actually make it affordable, then I will certainly be buying from them and often. If not, then their efforts will have been wasted as they will bring nothing new to the table. I hope that this is the beginning of the competition, as I would love to see the other big boys, namely Ben and Jerry's and Edy's, get on board and increase the competition even further with their lines of 'healthy' ice cream.

Enlightened Cookie Dough is amazing! It's honestly super nice to be able to get a whole pint of ice cream multiple times a week without guilt or weight gain. I get that they aren't for everybody, but its nice to have the option. My body can't handle the fat content of normal ice cream which hard as a life long ice cream fan. Light ice creams makes ice cream an every day food as opposed to a special treat. It's hard for me to trust Breyers as brand though. My guess is that my final rankings will be:1. Enlightened2. Halo Top3. Breyers4. A Cardboard Box5. Arctic Zero Obviously, I'll have to track it down to try though.

I thought we were finally over this saturated fat is bad for you fiasco. Im actually more worried about all the artificial ingredients, fillers, and sugar alcohols than I am of a solid ice cream with just milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and flavor.

Kroger has also launched Simple Truth "Low Cow" ice creams that seem closest to enlightened in formula but more aimed at competing with Halo Top. There are no Krogers in my region, but I give them props for best punny name that most people won't appreciate.

Funny, I didn't realize that the price of halo top was such a sticking point. Interesting!@Rabbit: oh yeah, Junk Banter posted those! I was curious what was in those pints but they didn't post their nutrition and ingredients online so I could compare -

It's funny how varied the price of Halo Top can be. Luckily I have become accustomed to the fake sugars in these ice creams & have no issues anymore.Around my area Giant was the first to carry Halo Top & usually prices it around $5.99-$6.99 a pint. I've found it at Wal-Mart for $4.64 so of course I'll pay that price over Giant's when I feel like I want to inhale a whole pint.Weis usually prices Enlightened around $3.99-$4.99 & have more flavors (some newer ones) than Giant.What makes me extremely jealous is people have said Shop Rite prices Halo Top & Enlightened during sales for $2.88.

@Dubba this family reviewed them and showed full nutrition panels: =0npUyacVDeY didn't even see it on junkbanter. Unfortunately the family can't compare to enlightened as they are not available near them.regarding pricing, here in NYC, ALL ice cream pints run for $5-6, i've seen halo top/enlightened for $8 and people buy it by the case anyway! also, this thing called Wink is big here but i don't put it in the same field, it's like ices in pint form, less ice cream -esque than arctic zero and more like a frozen Ensure(minus the nutrients).

Yep, ShopRite also does B&J Hagen Dazs and Talenti $2.88 pretty regularly.Frankly, I buy a lot of ice cream pints, but never hesitate due to price. Theres a grocery chain that always has one of them on sale

I consume A LOT of Enlightened and Halo Top, Enlightened usually being my brand of choice since I enjoy their flavors a lot more and they use a lot more mix-ins. That being said, I'm excited for more competition. More competition means lower prices usually, who's going to complain about that one? However, I have to say I'm not too thrilled Breyer's chose such limited flavors. Really, they couldn't have released ONE unique flavor that either brand didn't already sell? With so many ice cream flavors they really stayed basic here, at least one fun flavor would have been appreciated!

I haven't tried any of the expensive brand ice creams because they're expensive. After recently becoming diabetic I thought my love affair with ice cream was over. I have tried all the lite and carb smart choices of several brands that make regular ice cream but the aftertaste had me throwing it out. About a month ago I decided to try one more and it was a Meijer's store brand called Purple Cow. Boy oh boy this is one happy and I do mean happy fat girl. The ice cream sandwiches are awesome, and the butter pecan ice cream is good too. Both use Splenda as did some of the others I tried and hated but they do something different because it's really good. Like I always say "if a fat girl won't eat it you know it ain't no damn good". Hope to find some other flavors to try.

\"Purchasers of the premium-priced ice cream simply have no idea how much ice cream they will get each and every time they buy a Halo Top 'pint.' And Halo Top has been doing this for years,\" according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in San Diego.

The suit goes on to say, \"But just as consumers expect to be paying the advertised price for a full gallon of gasoline, so too they expect to be paying the advertised price for a full pint of ice cream. But when purchasing a pint of Halo Top ice cream, consumers frequently do not get a full pint.\"

Los Angeles-based Halo Top Creamery was founded in 2011 by former lawyer turned ice cream aficionado Justin Woolverton while he was on a quest to find an ice cream he could feel good about eating. Delivering premium ice cream people can actually feel good about eating, Halo Top is crafted with only the finest ingredients. Halo Top is available nationwide in the freezer aisle. For more information, please visit or follow Halo Top on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

When Liza Black found out Halo Top ice cream was on sale atShopRite last month, she and her husband went on a mission. At onestore, they bought four pints of the Peanut Butter Cup flavor.Then, standing in the freezer aisle of another ShopRite without ashopping cart, Ms. Black was stacking pints up against her chest. Anearby shopper commented to the couple that they must really likethe brand. "She grabbed a pint and walked away before I could grabthe entire freezer's worth," Ms. Black said.

"We can't keep Halo Top on shelves, whether it's in L.A., NewYork or Wyoming," said founder and CEO Justin Woolverton. Hisproduct, labeled as light ice cream and as a good source ofprotein, is sweetened with erythritol, organic cane sugar andorganic stevia. Vanilla Bean, Halo Top's best-selling flavor,contains 60 calories and 6 grams of protein per half-cup serving.The same size serving of Häagen-Dazs has 270 calories and 4grams of protein. 041b061a72

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